Analyst Corner

Dining the Grocery Store

In early October, Wegmans Food Markets opened its first full-service, in-store restaurant. Honestly, it’s about time! For several reasons, having a well appointed, table-service restaurant is a no-brainer for grocers looking to grow and expand. Margin Pressure As stated in IHL’s “2009 IT and the North American Supermarket” market study, […]

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Shortsighted in the Midst of Recession

According to Census data, in the past 12 months the US retail economy has seen a 9.4% decline compared to the previous 12 months. While there have been some bright spots, store closings, bankruptcies and layoffs have been the things most prevalent in the news. Most retailers currently have a […]

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You Can’t Be Serious!?!

On a recent date night my wife and I went for a rare shopping trip to the mall without our kids. For those of you without kids, it is hard to convey the excitement we felt when we were able browse unhurried by pleas to go to Build-A-Bear, the food […]

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Why We Want Global Warming…At Least This Month.

For most of the people who have been suffering the bitter cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the more moderate and almost spring-like temperatures this past week were a welcome relief. To even break out the shorts in some locations brought pure joy. It also brought joy to retailers. Ironically, […]

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Not seeing the Whole picture

On Wednesday, it was revealed that John P. Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, had used the pseudonym Rahodeb to post messages on Yahoo message boards. In these postings Mr. Mackey both praised Whole Foods and questioned the performance, value, and quality of rival Wild Oats. It has been widely reported […]

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Moving Markets and the Bottom Line

Technology for the sake of technology may be appealing on an emotional front, but without an ultimate impact to the bottom line, it is a waste of shareholder value. Wall Street continues to develop a keen awareness of retail technologies that deliver on making retailers more profitable. From the Street’s […]

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