Sometimes you need an analyst all year long to review strategies, product plans, or quick insight on competitors.  Other times you might just need help for a single project.

We offer two different plans for speaking with our analysts on a variety of topics.

Analyst on Call

Analyst on Call is a service for when you want to have access to one of the IHL analysts for consultation on a monthly or periodic basis.  We offer this service in blocks of 15 hours so you have adequate time to get the answers you need. Unused hours can be used towards other IHL services and products as well.  In a sense, this is sort of like having an analyst on retainer.

Ask the Analyst

This service is often used by tech companies, private equity investors, and many others.  Here we schedule up to 2 hours of analyst time to review market conditions, ask questions, etc.  Often you are trying to get a feel for a market, the trends, the key competitors and momentum.  Ask the Analyst allows you to get an impartial 3rd party expert to help as a sounding board for your thoughts.

To discuss which option is best for you, please Contact Us.

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