Who We Are

Who we are

IHL Group is a global research and advisory firm specializing in technologies for the retail and hospitality industries. The company, based in Franklin, Tenn., generates timely data reports, offers advisory services and serves as the leading retail technology spokesperson for industry and vendor events.

What we do

IHL provides customized business intelligence for retailers and retail technology vendors, with particular expertise in supply chain and store level systems.

Providing a great customer experience

Our customers are retailers and retail technology providers who want to better understand what is going on in the overall technology market, or wish to identify specific equipment needs for the retail market.

Our Why

IHL firmly believes that our business exists not only for making a living and meeting the needs of our clients, but it also exists for improving our local, state, national and international community. This works out in several ways. For our clients, this means our research and work must answer key question of “So What?” in the data we provide and we will dig deeper in the data to find those answers for you. And second, we believe firmly in giving back to our national and international community through charities like the Retail Orphan Initiative as well as locally through our employees’ own philanthropic efforts. If the world is not a better place with IHL operating in it, we would consider that a failure regardless of how successful we may be financially.

When we Started

Greg Buzek served as Product Development Manager for two Fortune 500 retail technology suppliers for 6 years. Faced with making recommendations to senior management with spotty reports stuffed with technical jargon and unsubstantiated data, in 1996 he left to form IHL Group as an arms length consulting firm that delivers exacting research to corporate managers.

How we work

Reliable market analysis is essential for corporations to accelerate revenue and expand their market share. Most research providers do not disclose data sources or statistically defend the validity of their assumptions. We do. We disclose in precise detail exactly how and why we reached our conclusions so that our customers can be comfortable with the data they are using.

Advisory Services:

  • Define the business you are really in and what people are really buying from you and your competitors,
  • Design and help you implement a Services Marketing model within your firm to maximize your profitability,
  • Position your Services in the mind of the customer by helping you tp analyze and understand your prospects and their buying behavior.

What we know

Our associates and advisors have over 100 years combined years of retail technology experience. Our associates have worked as product managers, sales representatives and executives in the retail market.