Custom Research

IHL provides a wide range of custom market research and market analysis services. We have worked with vendors to identify market opportunities for information technology products to retailers worldwide. Below are just some of the ways we have helped customers in the past.

  • Custom Surveys and White Papers
  • Review of the current competitors and market potential for a innovative kiosk system,
  • Review and analysis of the international POS market shipments and installed base for a vendor who was looking to release a complementary product,
  • Identification and analysis of the top potential resellers for a retail hardware/software provider,
  • Company analysis and their market for the purpose of a make/buy decision. Reviewed from the perspective of a supplier relationship or potential acquisition.
  • Review of the major channel strategies of key IT vendors. Identifying the best practices and making recommendations to enhance the distribution of their products, thus lowering SG&A expense.

The above are just examples. The very nature of Market Research is that it is custom. No two projects are ever the same and no two customers are the same. We can work with you to design the best approach for you.

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