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IHL Group is a global research and advisory firm for the retail and hospitality industries. Through our research and data services, we provide the technology insight that companies need to effectively compete in a global market.

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    • Data Wednesday – RFID Delivers Results

      RFID is another one of those 25-year-old technologies that is now an overnight success thanks to changes to retail brought on by COVID. Where most of the energy has been focused on case-level RFID in the past, COVID changed the economics so that every unit item RFID became the greatest […]

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    • OnDemand: Retail Analytics Webinar

      When looking at analytics, there are 4 levels – what happened (Descriptive), why it happened (Diagnostic), what could happen (Predictive), and what should happen (Prescriptive). The data is  clear from this independent research completed in late 2022. The retailers that are using predictive and prescriptive analytics are significantly outperforming retailers […]

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