When it comes to the design and development of products in the technology marketplace, the competition is fierce. The success of the product is determined by several factors, of which only one is the product’s feature/function benefit. Time to market, quality management, proper forecasting, and sales training are a few more. The reality is that great product development comes from a process that is flexible enough to spur innovation and quick development while stringent enough to match and exceed the quality and service that the market demands.

At IHL Group we’ve been there, in the trenches developing products for some of the biggest names in Retail technology. In our past we have been the development managers for products that combined have reached approximately $1 Billion in sales in the Retail marketplace. One in particular where the product went from concept to $100 Million in revenue in 18 months, resulting in the most successful product launch in this Fortune 500 Company’s history. Our experience includes separate successful releases of both hardware and software products into the retail technology marketplace.

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