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IHL Group is a global research and advisory firm for the retail and hospitality industries. Through our research and data services, we provide the technology insight that companies need to effectively compete in a global market.



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Our associates and advisors have over 100 years combined years of retail technology experience. Our associates have worked as product managers, sales representatives and executives in the retail market.


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AI skills can help you land a job or promotion faster

Artificial intelligence might replace some jobs but it can also give you a competitive edge in the workplace. Nearly all executives — 96% — feel an urgency to incorporate AI into their business operations, according to a March 2024 Slack Workforce Lab survey of more than 10,000 professionals. Read Article ›

Walmart pilots AI-assisted fruit sourcing

The discount giant is deploying remote sensing and data analytics tools from Israeli tech firm Agritask to enable sourcing managers to make more well-informed decisions on seasonal fruit crop yields such as cherries and blackberries. Read Article ›