IHL data is top notch and provides grounding facts for our solutioning and go-to-market strategy – Jerri Traflet – Verizon

I have been tracking IHL research for more than a decade, and its opining on inventory distortion losses has been driving the entire focus of my Company’s focus. Our efforts are based on what IHL exposed to me in 2011 and continue to inspire my solution design efforts as we enter 2022. – Les McNeil – Impulse Logic

I consistently enjoy gaining economic and industry perspectives from IHL webinars.  Much appreciated. – Philip Stevens – Sportsman’s Warehouse

IHL’s reports are more balanced and have fewer ulterior motives in my view (than other analyst research). Plus, their research has excellent data regarding not only the channel, but deployment of POS from various perspectives. And they don’t use terms like “mobile payments” incorrectly…In other words, they get it. – Mobile Payments CEO

IHL has been providing the most clear and the most concise analysis and guidance of retail economic conditions since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Daniel McDonald – National Association of Broadcasters

I can always rely on IHL to provide a thorough and fact-based perspective on what is happening in the industry. IHL’s actionable results make its papers and webinars stand out. Lisa Terry – Lisa Terry Editorial Services

The information you delivered today really should be required for anyone selling into retail and ALL RETAILERS. Can’t imagine the cost advantage they could have if they optimized the changes they implement, but too many companies make a change ‘on the fly’ and then live with the results for far too long.  Really enjoyed the sessions and going to spend the rest of the week reviewing the slide data. Much to absorb. Outstanding session today and huge amount of valuable data. Francis Clark – Zebra Analytics

Whenever I think of POS the first expert that comes to mind is Greg Buzek, but of course Greg and IHL Group are so much more than just POS, although there is still no one better. The depth and breadth of IHL’s studies, databases, tools and fields of expertise grows each year and I look forward to taking full advantage of each and everyone of them. – Joe Skorupa, Group Editor RIS News.

In the Retail Industry IHL commands the respect of the operators and other recognized industry experts. IHL, under Greg’s leadership, has grown to be a required set of reports. When you need the real analysis of an industry trends or market information, IHL is the team to provide reports that you can depend upon.- Jerry Leeman, IBM and Perk Dynamics

I have seldom met a more professional company and almost never one that does what it says it will so consistently, time after time. You must be very proud of your achievements, I personally feel proud for you. You are indeed an oasis in a professional desert! You are providing an excellent service to our industry. Thank you. – Mike Berry, Technology Trading Management

Sophia is a phenomenal tool that allows such great insight into exactly what we are looking for when targeting future partners/clients.  From its in-depth financial reporting tools down to its 1 minute mailer it has so many feature that saves our company time and money.  Our business runs faster because most of the research is being done in one spot only taking a few minutes instead of hours pulling from multiple data sources.  Match up Sophia with the great customer support and service IHL services provide and you have an all-around winner!  Could not be happier with the turnout! – Jason W, Business Intelligence Analyst – Credit Card Processing Company

IHL provides the most incredible information to help retailers and vendors understand what is going on in our world.  The beauty of their work is it gives guidance that is not a normal part of a retailer’s work but has significant impact on that work. – Richard Halter Global Retail Technology Advisors

IHL Webinars are consistently informative and interesting; this one was no different. – Cathy Hotka – Retail Insiders

IHL team does a fantastic job share the current state, challenges and the opportunity in Retail Industry. A great way to get up to speed in 1 hour! – Naren Kumar, Intel

IHL has been leading the way with insightful and relevant analysis, both higher level, but also very well grounded – and for many years I have been considering a key player in retail. Mana Yellin – Supersmart Ltd.

IHL Group and Greg Buzek always offers excellent analysis backed by volumes of data and examples. The best in the business! – Pat Huston – Turn Retail Technology

This is perhaps one of the few industry specific (regardless of industry) events that is exciting to attend.  Always great content that is relevant from a business AND a personal basis…as a vendor its information i can use as i advise my customer/prospect base! – Jeff Dennison – Connection

You wow’d me.  Nice job! and Thank You!!! – National Sales Representative, Major German Software Company

YOU ARE SO GOOD ON STAGE!!!  Many thanks for traveling to Vegas for the conference. I know that it was a sacrifice to cram it in, and even more of a sacrifice to leave Cancun! You provide that dollop of gravitas that is so hard to find. Many, many thanks. – Cathy Hotka, Cathy Hotka and Associates

I owe you a HUGE thanks! I went through the data and it looks good to me. I sent this over to my manager. Many thanks again for all your kind support! You guys are just absolutely the BEST!- P.J, Large Japanese Hardware/Services Vendor

Today’s webinar continues to deliver on the high caliber content we have come to expect from IHL. The mix of economic and retail technology insights they provide remains unmatched in our industry. – James Tenser – VSN Strategies

IHL has been leading the way with insightful and relevant analysis, both higher level, but also very well grounded – and for many years I have been considering a key player in retail. Mana Yellin – Supersmart Ltd.

I’m a professor at the University of Texas at Dallas. Teaching retail, marketing and IT … your material helps keep the class up to speed with what’s really happening in life … not just textbook ramblings.  Thank you! – Charles Haseman – UT Dallas

This webinar covers more information in an hour than most do in three hours.  You have to be ready to pay attention before the webinar starts and then it goes 90 miles an hour.  Always the most up to date information that is available. – Robert Bahn – Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Center

I appreciate that IHL provides perspectives that challenge common perceptions and those perspectives are back by data. Reynolds Thompson – Select Strategies Realty

IHL provides actionable insights based on their Retail industry state of the union presentations. Time invested in viewing their presentations has been worthwhile. Ramon Garrido – HP Inc.