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Webinar – AI Impact on Loss Prevention Technologies

Thursday October 12th, 2pm ET



Retailers Running Out of Time to Optimize Digital Journeys

Digital Journeys Recent IHL research shows only a portion of retailers have optimized these digital journeys. While 54% claim to have optimized the traditional ecommerce channel of shipping from a warehouse, only 27% have optimized localized delivery, 26% ship from store, and only 16% Buy Online for Store Pickup. For […]

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COVID-19’s $11.5b Impact on IT Spend

Worldwide, COVID-19 is having disastrous impacts on consumer spending.  IHL’s current forecast for consumer spending is a reduction of $1.6t in sales worldwide, just under 10%.  And it is the smaller retailers losing the most by far.  But not all segments are doing poorly.  While Specialty Stores and Departments Stores […]

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