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Webinar – The AI-Driven Transformation in Grocery




OnDemand – Charting the AI-Driven Transformation of Grocery

Out-of-stocks and overstocks

Charting the AI-Driven Transformation of Grocery The transformation of the grocery industry is no longer a future concept; it is happening now. With  the convergence of technology, data, and the evolving needs of consumers, the industry is at the brink of a revolution, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning […]

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Analytics in the Retail Enterprise: Paving the Way for the Future

Hierarchy of Analytics

Retail Analytics In today’s retail environment, understanding data is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The rapid growth of e-commerce, evolving customer behaviors, and the sheer amount of data generated have made analytics an indispensable tool for retailers. Basically, retail analytics not only provide insights into past performances (descriptive […]

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OnDemand – The Good, The Bad, the Ugly – Inventory Distortion

Out-of-stocks and overstocks

Out-of-Stocks and Overstocks IHL has been tracking retail inventory distortion and the true cost of out-of-stocks and overstocks for 17 years. Inventory distortion worldwide is a critical issue that continues to plague retailers worldwide, causing significant financial losses and operational challenges. When IHL measures inventory distortion, we look at out-of-stocks […]

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OnDemand – Retail’s $9.2t AI Retail Revolution

Generative AI Driving Impact

Retail’s $9.2t AI Retail Revolution AI is set to revolutionize the retail and hospitality industries, with IHL forecasting an astounding  $9.2t AI retail revolution. This disruptive force, comparable to the game-changing barcode, will reshape retail in ways we can only imagine. Join us for an enlightening webinar where we delve […]

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This Changes Everything in Retail…Almost

Changes Everything in Retail

In late March, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman shared a fascinating conversation he had with Craig Mundie, former Chief Research and Strategy Officer at Microsoft. The topic of discussion was Generative AI, and Mundie was about to showcase a demonstration that would leave Friedman in awe. As he began, […]

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Retailers Running Out of Time to Optimize Digital Journeys

Digital Journeys Recent IHL research shows only a portion of retailers have optimized these digital journeys. While 54% claim to have optimized the traditional ecommerce channel of shipping from a warehouse, only 27% have optimized localized delivery, 26% ship from store, and only 16% Buy Online for Store Pickup. For […]

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Retail’s Once-in-a-Generation Tech Reset

Retail is experiencing a once-in-a-generation increase in IT spend due to the impacts of COVID and the change in shopping journeys for consumers. Although consumers have come back to stores, the digital increase is here to stay. Retailers must get these transactions profitable. Add to this the ongoing labor challenges […]

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