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Webinar – AI Impact on Loss Prevention Technologies

Thursday October 12th, 2pm ET



COVID-19’s $11.5b Impact on IT Spend

Worldwide, COVID-19 is having disastrous impacts on consumer spending.  IHL’s current forecast for consumer spending is a reduction of $1.6t in sales worldwide, just under 10%.  And it is the smaller retailers losing the most by far.  But not all segments are doing poorly.  While Specialty Stores and Departments Stores […]

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Top POS Software by Gross Payment Volume

Gross Payment Volume (GPV) is the amount of payments that go through a particular POS system.  In this chart above we show the market share for the top 5 software companies in Hospitality based on revenue through those POS systems.  While Square, for instance, has much larger shipment share (particularly […]

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Are Microservices the Answer To Cloud At The Store?

Retailers continue to be challenged in the transformation of their business to compete with Amazon, Walmart and others.  Yet one of the challenges we consistently hear from CIOs is that they are significantly challenged in the type and quality of bandwidth that they can get access to at malls without […]

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Pursuing Unified Commerce Without Sacrificing Security

Without question, the single biggest trend in retail is in the area of Unified Commerce; namely getting both internal and external systems integrated in such a way that product can be shopped from anywhere and delivered from anywhere.  Retailers are scrambling to figure out how to best compete against Amazon, […]

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REPLAY: Unified Commerce – Modern Retail’s Coming Together

The following is a replay of a webinar from December 15th on how retail is moving towards Unified Commerce. Unified Commerce is one step beyond Omnichannel and includes the technology enabled retail functions (both inside and outside the company) to serve the consumer where, when and how they desire. Multi ->Cross->Omni->Unified […]

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Is Best of Breed Software Dead?

This headline is certainly going to raise a few eyebrows. In the last two weeks we have had 4 different conversations with retailers as part of our Strategic Operations Exchange program where best of breed vendors that we suggested for a specific solution were dismissed out of hand by the […]

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Roadmap to Unified Commerce

As retailers move towards Unified Commerce, knowing where to start is critical. False starts can set retailers back years and waste millions of dollars. Do you know how to do things in the right order, avoiding the false starts that plague IT projects in retail? This webinar brought together three people […]

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Mobile’s Massive Shift in POS

Mobile POS began in the Enterprise, but then took off massively in the small mom and pop retailer segment when Square released an inexpensive dongle that allowed just about any smartphone or tablet take credit card transactions. Next, the mom and pop market began to expand with newcomers like Level Up, […]

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