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Beware of Retail’s Heresy

Often used as to discuss religion, at its core the word heresy is a “truth about something that is taken to an untruthful extreme.” History is rife with examples of a principle or discovery for one thing that was then extended to an area it was never meant to be […]

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Webinar Replay: True Story on Store Openings/Closings

Retail is growing but changing fast.  There are changes required at retailers, malls and properties. This was a webinar shared on 8/14/2019 about store openings and closings. Get the complete list of closings and openings for 1,660 retail companies Download the Webinar Slides Download the Free Report from which the […]

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AI/ML Promise, Potential and Pitfalls

Perhaps there is no technology with more hype in retail than the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  In fact, we are currently in an arms race for talent.  What are the best practices?  Where do you start?  What are some case studies?  That is the point of […]

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Talkin’ about Shoptalk 2019

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending Shoptalk in Las Vegas. This was my first year attending, though it was the fourth year of the event which has grown significantly in each successive year, drawing close to 8,000 attendees ranging from investors, press, analyst, vendors and the retail […]

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One thing stores must do to stay relevant in 2019

IHL’s Greg Buzek, along with 6 other industry colleagues, was recently asked by Aptos what was the one thing retailers must do in 2019 to stay relevant.  See our answers in this unique video flipbook. Click the photo below to access… or go here             […]

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How the Prime Challenge is Opportunity for Retailers

Amazon Prime continues to radically transform consumer behavior. The advent of free two-day shipping, membership, and other benefits from Amazon provide a compelling reason for consumers not to visit stores. Retailers are actually driving consumers to Amazon by not addressing issues important to their customers. This study points to what […]

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