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2022 Retail Inventory Benchmarks Webinar

Tuesday – October 18th, 11am ET


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Retail’s Biggest Threat – An Erosion of Trust

In a recessionary economy around the world, retail certainly is facing numerous daunting challenges as we look to the holiday period and 2023. Higher interest rates, slowing consumer spend, rising inventories (often with the wrong items) and inflation are facing retailers in the short-term, but it is a long-term issue […]

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OnDemand: Can Retailers Handle the Truth?

Consumers say they are losing trust in their local retailers to be in stock for the items they want to buy. Around the world almost 50% of shopping has now moved online. Is that slowing down or increasing? Our latest survey results share the scary details. We will release the […]

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Is This the End of Retail Just-in-Time Inventory?

If there is one thing that has come out of COVID and resulting events since for retailers is that that the current retail supply chain is broken. For the last 25 years retailers moved from a resilient mixed supply chain with manufacturers domestic and abroad to one that is as […]

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OnDemand: Securing the Future of Grocery

No segment has seen more change in recent years than the Grocery industry. This has led to an exponential increase in IoT solutions for the retail environment ranging from mobile devices to ESL’s to new cameras and freezer sensors. Recently Courtney Radke – Fortinet’s CISO for Retail/Hospitality and Greg Buzek – President […]

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Retailers Investing Heavily in (work)Force Multipliers

In athletics, one of the key qualitative metrics quoted about the best players is not just that they have the most goals, most touchdowns, or most sacks, but they make everyone around them better. In military discussions, leaders refer to weapons or technology that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of […]

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