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Webinar Replay: State of Retail Economy – COVID 19 Impact

COVID-19 is having significant results on the worldwide economy.  What is the impact on retail/hospitality?  How long will it last?  What is the impact on IT Spend? This is a replay of the webinar on 3/25/2020 on IHL’s latest forecast for retail/hospitality economy and IT Spend.  Data referenced is part […]

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COVID-19 FEAR vs Known Facts Known for USA

With all the panic that is out there, we thought it would be prudent to provide some perspective from  the data to give people a reference point.  A couple of notes.  First, this was based on data reported through Saturday.  Secondly, the figures associated here assume that the US cases […]

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Retail/Hospitality IT Spend and the Coronovirus Impact

While the world watches the physical and economic impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), at IHL we have reviewed and adjusted our IT forecast for retail and hospitality worldwide based on our expectations on the world economy. The economic fundamentals in most markets worldwide are strong outside of this impact. While […]

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Retail AI/ML – When and Where

When it comes to the deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in retail and hospitality, the question is not if they are doing it, but where and how fast they are adopting the technology.  Now a couple of things.  First, as we shared in our free white paper AI/ML […]

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Top Emerging Technologies in Retail

Location-based Analytics is the most widely adopted of emerging technologies among North American Retailers within 2 years, but it is not the fastest growing.  More than any other time in the 17+ years we have been doing our annual study with RIS News, retailers are rapidly deploying emerging technologies at […]

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Surprising Technology Leading Transformation of Stores

Smart retailers are re-investing in technology for their stores at a massive rate according to the latest research from IHL Group called “Rise of the Digital Store – How Digital Orders Are Transforming Store Operations” released today.  Leading the way is the adoption of Microservices Architecture design which is expected to grow in […]

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Webinar Replay: Holiday Halftime Update

Retail sales so far are up significantly for the holidays with Black Friday and Cyber Week sales breaking records.  This is a replay of the webinar.  Holiday Halftime Update. Click the photo to watch the replay. Download the webinar slides here. Like this post?  Never miss an IHL Research Briefing […]

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