OnDemand – Charting the AI-Driven Transformation of Grocery

Charting the AI-Driven Transformation of Grocery

The transformation of the grocery industry is no longer a future concept; it is happening now. With  the convergence of technology, data, and the evolving needs of consumers, the industry is at the brink of a revolution, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
(ML) are at the core of this change. While the pandemic radically changed consumer preferences for fulfillment, AI-driven technologies are now paving the way for improved efficiency, personalized shopping experiences, and optimized delivery of those products to consumers.

This paper and webinar explore the AI-driven transformation in the grocery industry, analyzing the multiple layers of artificial intelligence (from machine learning through new deep learning methods like speech recognition and image recognition to the newest generative AI capabilities) while identifying the opportunities and considerations for implementation.

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Research Paper – Charting the AI-Driven Transformation of Grocery

Webinar Replay – will post when recording is complete

Retail AI Readiness Index – Rankings by Retailer

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Generative AI Forecast in Grocery

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