Analyst Corner

Replay: The Coming Retail Returns Tsunami

Entering 2020, the retail world was already dealing with tremendous growth in merchandise returns, with fraud and overall costs to the retailer increasing at an exponential rate due to online sales being returned to stores. In 2015 the total value of merchandise returns was estimated at $643 billion globally. By […]

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US Retail Recovery Forecast

A great deal of discussion has been had about the recovery curve to be expected in retail and hospitality. Will it be a V curve, an L shape or a NIKE Swoosh?  Truth be told, you can make it look like whatever you want it to be to fit your […]

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The Coming Retail Returns Tsunami

When pundits talk about pent-up demand in retail, rarely do the discuss perhaps the greatest pent up demand coming for retailers: Returns.  Returns have always been a cumbersome process for most retailers with different challenges for different merchandise.  Local laws as well as company infrastructure provides a complex operation in […]

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Replay: How Stimulus Plans Will Impact Retail Recovery

How do the US C.A.R.E.S Act stimulus programs affect retail?  The answer might surprise you.  Get an update on retail/hospitality and how the stimulus plans, with delays and competing priorities, will unfortunately hasten the demise of many retailers.  Click the photo below to launch the webinar replay. Link to the slides […]

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Webinar Replay: State of Retail Economy – COVID 19 Impact

COVID-19 is having significant results on the worldwide economy.  What is the impact on retail/hospitality?  How long will it last?  What is the impact on IT Spend? This is a replay of the webinar on 3/25/2020 on IHL’s latest forecast for retail/hospitality economy and IT Spend.  Data referenced is part […]

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