Japan POS Terminal Market – 2024

The Japanese retail landscape is dominated by traditional brick-and-mortar stores, which continue to attract consumers who value the tactile and interactive nature of in-person shopping. That said, there is a growing presence of e-commerce, with online platforms like Amazon Japan and Yahoo! gaining traction, accounting for approximately 10% of total retail sales. Note that their convenience store segment boasts a stores/square mile density of 10x that of the USA.

Total Retail Sales: ¥163 Trillion ($1.2 Trillion), up 5.6% from 2022

Japan POS Terminal Market – Countries Overview

Leading Retailers

 Key Japan POS Terminal Market Size

Key POS Hardware Vendors/Key POS Software Vendors

IHL Studies for Japan POS Terminal Market

2024 Asia-Pacific POS Terminal Market Study

2024 Asia-Pacific POS / mPOS Software Market Share

2024 Asia-Pacific POS Terminal Hardware Market Share by Vendor

2024 Asia-Pacific Retail Stores/POS Sizing by Retail Chain Size

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