China POS Terminal Market – 2024

China is becoming one of the largest POS terminal markets in the world, and it offers significant growth potential. The demand for POS terminals in China is primarily driven by the increase in per capita GDP, which has led to a change in lifestyles and the rise of the middle class. This has resulted in a growing retail market and a shift from unorganized to organized retail, and hence the need for advanced retail systems.

Total Retail Sales: ¥48 Trillion ($6.9 Trillion), up 7.2% from 2022

China POS Terminal Market – Country Overview

Leading Retailers

 Key China POS Terminal Market Size

Key POS Hardware Vendors/Key POS Software Vendors

IHL Studies for China POS Terminal Market

2024 Asia-Pacific POS Terminal Market Study

2024 Asia-Pacific POS / mPOS Software Market Share

2024 Asia-Pacific POS Terminal Hardware Market Share by Vendor

2024 Asia-Pacific Retail Stores/POS Sizing by Retail Chain Size

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