Canada POS Terminal Market – 2024

The Canadian retail industry is highly concentrated, with a small number of large chain stores clustered in shopping malls being the dominant players. Geographically, the retail industry is largely concentrated in the major urban centers of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, mirroring the broader population and economic distribution across the country. Overall, the Canadian retail industry “looks” a lot like that of the US, but on a smaller scale. Likewise, the POS market. The larger and more successful retailers tend to focus on a seamless, convenient, unified commerce shopping experience.

Total Retail Sales: $6.0 Trillion, up 2.0% from 2022

Canada POS Terminal Market – Country Overview

Leading Retailers

Key Canada POS Terminal Market Size

Key POS Hardware Vendors/Key POS Software Vendors

IHL Studies for Canada States POS Terminal Market

2024 North America POS Terminal Market Study

2024 North America POS / mPOS Software Market Share

2024 North America POS Terminal Hardware Market Share by Vendor

2024 North America Retail Stores/POS Sizing by Retail Chain Size

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