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In addition to having a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech, Jerry also has an MBA from the University of Miami with a specialty in Marketing and Marketing Research. He brings over 30 years of business experience in engineering and management through assignments with Pratt Whitney – United Technologies, Georgia Tech School of Mathematics, and Milliken & Company. In 2022, 2023 and 2024 he was named as one of the Top Retail Experts by RETHINK Retail.

Jerry is our resident rocket scientist. In his previous employment he was managing a stress testing laboratory on the Space Shuttle engines. In the field of retail technology, Jerry has researched and authored analyst reports on Order Management, Price Optimization, POS Software and Hardware Systems, Printers, and Global IT Spend. Jerry also provides the development expertise and analytics that go into our Retailer Technology Data Service Sophia and our Retail and CPG IT Spend models.

Jerry has been quoted by The Atlanta Journal Constitution, RIS News, Hospitality Upgrade, BusinessWeek, Retail Technology Quarterly, and Investor’s Business Daily, among others. Jerry has also appeared on Fox News Live and Fox Business discussing mobile commerce.

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Rethinking Grocery: Why Smart Grocers Are “Checking Out” Autonomous Stores

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One of the things I love about working in retail technology PR is the chance to develop friendships with so many of the clients, editors and analysts we work with at Ketner Group.

Aptos Engage: Transformation Around the New Normal

Last month I had the opportunity to attend Aptos Engage. Like most of the retail technology user conferences this year, the event was held virtually, with the hope that next year the event would be in person. I happen to have a long history with Aptos. When I first entered retail as an analyst almost 17 years ago, Aptos was then NSB Group, and it was a leader in the POS space. And while the Aptos of today is very different from the NSB Group of that time, so many of those core competencies remain, not the least of which is expertise in the POS and mPOS space.

AI + Cloud + Data + Trust, Salesforce’s Formula for Winning Big

Salesforce Connections 2023, a premier two-day event held last week in Chicago, brought together more than 10,000 attendees. With a strong emphasis on the central theme of AI, particularly in relation to customer experience enhancement and trust. The conference aimed to address the growing concerns surrounding trust in AI, a topic often overlooked or treated with superficiality in these early days of ChatGPT.

Industry Thought Leaders Opine on Grocery 2023

With so much change in the grocery industry over the past few years it is importantto take a moment to evaluate the year that was and prepare yourself for asuccessful future