Retail’s Shakeout & Growth Story

The pandemic saw the fall and subsequent rise of many retailers. Where have things shaken out? More importantly, what does the future hold in terms of retail and restaurant locations? Properties are being remodeled to include micro-fulfillment centers, dark stores and dark kitchens are being added in rapid fashion, and others are simply adding or contracting stores.

IHL once again produced a study to get to the truth on store openings and closings with data from 945 retailers. If you would like the detailed list of who the retailers are that are opening or closing stores, this list is available as our 2021 Store Openings/Closings Detailed List

Here we have the slides from the webinar that provide the highlights of the store openings and closings from 2017-2021. We highlight the top retailers with openings, which segments are growing and shrinking, and what are the trends driving this process