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Date of PublicationOctober 4, 2023
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At Sobeys, the Rapid Project Toolkit has greatly accelerated our timelines and provided significant savings to total project costs. We firmly believe in the toolkit methodology.
Clinton Keay, SVP and CIO at Sobey’s

Our cross functional team was amazed at the level of detail the Workforce Management Toolkit helped them to think about. We used the POS Toolkit & I recommended using the Workforce Management one knowing the value we’d get from it and so far we have.
Ed Collupy, VP of Information Technology, The Pantry, Inc.

We will use this toolkit approach for all future projects. 
Director of Store Support, Multi-National Retailer

The Toolkit has saved my team 6 months in trying to define requirements and pull this project together. I never thought we would get to RFP this quickly.
VP of Application Development, Fashion Retailer

I am blown away by the toolkit and the amount of work you guys have put into this, all for the benefit of the retailer.
Ex CIO Fortune 500 Fashion Retailer

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Reduce costs by consolidating vendors in existing contracts, providing an audit of equipment that can be eliminated or moved to lower cost service providers. Identify high cost items within a contract and rework your support strategy.

Reduce costs by improving integration to internal Help Desk support. Through this enterprise-wide fix, you realize efficiencies by reduces number of vendors. Customers have realized an average of $1.50 labor costs per incident.

Reduce costs by providing a visibility to line-item pricing. Customers have saved up to 20% via improved negotiations and recognition by both sides of what is driving costs.

Simplify Systems Maintenance 

Reduce complexity by improving your partnerships with core vendors. This provides you a single vendor to support acquisitions, new store openings, rapid deployments as well as ongoing maintenance.

Leverage core partner’s employees more fully, reducing employee downtime.

Measure vendor performance on maintenance and projects, reducing cost for services and out of contract billings.

Improve vendor contracts and limit legal exposure. Understanding where your costs are and focusing on core vendors allows you to extend core contracts and benefit from discounted pricing.

Eliminate high maintenance items as part of contract negotiations through true lifecycle management through incident tracking, reduced fingerpointing, and the ability to force vendors and business units to rationalize costs.

Improve Maintenance Performance 

Improve service levels through the ability to set and manage service level agreements (SLA) by equipment type with the ability to have measured performance metrics and monthly reviews.

Improve speed of delivery on projects through utilization of fewer vendors to refine and improve project execution.

Improve internal staff effectiveness by identifying and outsourcing non-core competencies to allow IT to focus on core objectives. This allows you to better utilize existing resources and add new resources as necessary.



What are some key metrics that customers have realized using the RAPID Maintenance Toolkit?
Here are just a few of the metrics that customers have realized:

Reduced internal labor per Help Desk incident, resulting in a savings of $1.50 per help desk call.

Up to a 20% savings in overall maintenance costs through improved negotiations and recognition by both sides on what is driving costs.

A 5% reduction in discounts through contract expansion and extensions by identifying core vendors.

Overall savings of $4 Million in maintenance costs for one customer.

I’m not a retailer, can I still use the toolkit?
Absolutely. Organizations of all types have the same problems when it comes to hardware maintenance. Although this toolkit originated in retail, it works equally well for any organization, regardless of the industry. It is particularly beneficial, however, for companies that have multiple offices or branches.

Can I use the process for other projects
Yes, in fact many of our customers utilize the toolkit process for a number of projects.

What is included with the toolkit?
The Toolkit includes the worksheets as well as a set number of consulting days based on your needs. We have no intention of being a live-in consulting team. The consulting days are there specifically to assist in the knowledge transfer. We certainly can take on a broader role, however, that is completely up you as the customer. The toolkits are designed to be easy to use so that in a few days, your organization can take over the process if you choose to do so.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Contact us for more detail. Every engagement is slightly different.

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