Cash Multipliers – How reducing the costs of cash handling can enable retail sales and profit growth


Today retailers are looking at many different options to improve the customer experience.  One of these is the cost of cash handling. These can include Buy Online and Pick Up in Store (BOPIS), Click and Collect where consumers pick up purchases at the curb, and Ship from Store. It takes additional store labor fulfill these customer needs and many retailers are struggling to find more labor hours without adding variable costs.

We would like to suggest that those labor hours may be found in reducing the costs associated with handling and counting cash at the store level.  Depending on the segment and current processes, retailers can recoup upwards of 200-500 labor hours a month per store that can be used to profitably and improve customer experience.

This free research goes over the challenges facing retailers and how controlling the cost of cash handling can free up the labor to meet the needs of the customers in 2018 more profitably.

We would like to thank Fujitsu, Glory, Balance Innovations and APG Cash Drawer for their sponsorship of this research.

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