2021 North America Merchant POS/mPOS Software ISV List With Marketshare


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Date of PublicationDecember 8, 2023
GeographyNorth America
FormatMicrosoft Excel

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This includes a list of 175 POS and mPOS software providers.  This includes OEM providers such as NCR, Oracle, Fujitsu and Diebold Nixdorf as well as companies that only do software such as Aptos, Epicore, Envista, etc.

It includes both POS and mPOS vendors.  Included in the data is the following:

Revenue/Software Related Revenue – Worldwide Sales, North American Sales, North American POS Revenue, and North American mPOS Revenue

Software Related Revenue Sales – On Prem, Software Maintenance, Software as a Service

Enterprise vs SMB – Revenue in chains below 50 stores, Revenue in chains with more than 50 stores

Total Software Related Revenue by Segment – See segments and examples below

Food/Grocery (Kroger, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Wakerfern)
Drug Stores (Walgreens, CVS)
Superstore/Warehouse Clubs/Hypermarkets (Walmart, BJ’s Wholesale, Costco)
Mass Merchants (Target, Meijer Stores, Dollar Tree)
Department Stores (JC Penney, Sears, Kohls, Bealls)
Specialty Hard Goods (Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, Rooms to Go, Canadian Tire)
Specialty Soft Goods (H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Casual Male, Old Navy)
Convenience/Gas (Chevron, Exxon,)
Fast Food (McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell)
Bar/Restaurant (Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle)
Lodging (Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton)
Entertainment:Casinos and Cruises (Carnival, Harrah’s, Wynn, Caesar’s Palace)
Entertainment:Museums, Theme Parks, Theaters, Others (Disney, Universal, AMC, Carmike)

Licenses Installed By Device Type – POS for SMB, POS for Enterprise, mPOS for SMB, mPOS for Enterprise

Gross Payment Volume by Segments (listed above) and Total – This is the value of card payments by segment for each company – particular valuable to payment providers.

27 charts already produced – include segment, POS or mPOS or Both, On-Prem or SaaS, SMB or Enterprise

Create Custom Chart – this allows you to create your own charts.

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Is this North American or Global?

Although the companies are global, this specific list for the North American Market

Do you delineate between mPOS and POS?  

Yes, there are separate values for each so you can compare Square and Clover to NCR or Fujitsu.

What is SMB vs Enterprise?

In our terms, we use a cutoff of 50 locations to determine if an account is Small/Medium Businesses or Enterprise

Is the data provided by segment?

Yes, we break the data down by 13 different segments.  So for each of the 175 companies you can see revenues in segments ranging from Grocery to Specialty Soft Goods to Hospitality segments.

Is GPV included (Gross Payment Volume)?

Yes, we include $ sales for licenses by segment and Gross Payment Volumes overall for each ISV

This is offered in an Enterprise License for $3,995.

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Enterprise License – a license that allows for the research to be accessed and shared internally with anyone else within the organization and wholly owned subsidiaries. These can be shared freely within the company. We only ask that this information not be shared with partners or others outside the purchasing company without authorization from IHL Group. The license does not extend to joint ventures or other partnerships. If the relationship is not a wholly-owned subsidiary, then both parties would need a license.

Practically, this implies the following:

  1. The purchasing company can use the data and research worldwide internally as long as the international organizations are wholly owned subsidiaries of the purchasing company.
  2. The data or any research cannot be distributed in whole or in part to partners or customers without express written approval from IHL Group.
  3. The purchasing company may quote components of the data (limited use) in presentations to customers such as specific charts. This is limited to percentage components, not individual unit information. Unit data cannot be shared externally without express written approval from IHL Group. All references to the data in presentations should include credit to IHL Group for the data.
  4. The purchasing company can reference qualitative quotes in printed material with written approval from IHL Group.
  5. All requests requiring written approval should be submitted to ihl(at)ihlservices.com and will be reviewed within one business day.

For Distributed Licenses, if applicable, the research can be shared with prospective customers and potential institutional investors.  It cannot be shared with partners or other vendors who should be purchasing their own licenses.

For any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at 1-888-IHL-6777 (North America) +1.615.591.2955 (International) or email us at ihl(at)ihlservices.com.