Strategic Outsourcing – Cybersecurity & IT for Midmarket Companies

Product Overview

This Cybersecurity & IT for Midmarket Companies research study benchmarks the current challenges and opportunities that midmarket companies face when not only competing against larger companies, but in managing their Cybersecurity and IT demands.

Midmarket companies face many challenges but often lack the resources, expertise, or time to manage their Cybersecurity & IT infrastructure effectively. This is where managed services and managed security services providers (MSPs and MSSPs) can help. MSPs and MSSPs are third-party companies that offer various IT and security solutions to midmarket and small companies, such as network management, hardware support, software installation, data integration, cloud hosting, cybersecurity protection, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. By outsourcing some or all of their IT and security needs to MSPs and (MSSPs), SMBs can benefit from lower costs, higher efficiency, better performance, and more peace of mind.

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