Retail Reinvented – Navigating the New Era of Managed Services

The North American retail market has never been in a more exciting and more fragile time. From early 2020 through 2023, over $2 trillion was added to the economic engine of retail, with unprecedented growth – and this was done with over 3 million fewer workers in the industry. Also, the retail industry is increasingly reliant on technology to drive operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and support business growth. Very few retailers can manage things on their own, which has entered Retail into a new era of managed services

Managed services play a crucial role in ensuring that retail organizations have the necessary IT infrastructure and support to meet their evolving needs. Using the results from research on 206 unique brands in North America, this paper aims to provide an overview of the state of retail managed services, focusing on the types of services included, how support is generally provided, and the impact of these services on retail operations.

In this study we look at the types of managed services, it is important to provide some definitions in our research. We lump these into two categories – Deployment of new or enhanced solutions and those related to ongoing management or fixing things when they go wrong.

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