2021 Consumer Study – Consumer’s Voice


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Date of PublicationDecember 8, 2023
GeographyWorldwide or by Region
FormatMicrosoft Excel
LicenseWorldwide | Region | Hospitality

The data is available in raw form or can be used in the developing of IHL branded or co-branded content.

There are 6 different data sets that can be chosen depending on the need.

  • Worldwide Retail and Hospitality
  • Worldwide Retail only
  • Worldwide Hospitality only
  • US Retail and Hospitality
  • US Retail only
  • US Hospitality only

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This is an offering that is better demonstrated than providing a static overview. Please contact us at +1.615.591.2955 for more details or at ihl(a)ihlservices.com for more information and we will be happy to schedule a webinar to review the data with you.


Can we purchase just specific segments or specific regions?
Yes, we can discuss. It is best to schedule a call so we can go over all the options

How many consumers are included?
There were 4,600 responses in regions all over there world focused on the largest retail economies of the world including US, China, Japan, Korea, India, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and others.

Is this raw data or report?
This is cleaned data and cross-tabs. Options are available to take this raw data and put it into specific content that you can use. The first cuts of the data revealed over 124 major story lines that can be developed. There is a lot of data here to consider. Understanding the timing and depth of retail and hospitality sales recovery will help you prioritize your efforts and targeting going forward.

Please contact us at +1.615.591.2955 or at ihl(at)ihlservices.com to schedule a time to see and discuss the data.

Pricing is determined based on the level of the information required and the level of customization. For the raw data, the pricing ranges from $3,995 to $8,000   Please contact us at +1.615.591.2955 or at ihl(at)ihlservices.com to learn more.

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