United Kingdom POS – mPOS Hardware Software Market Share

United Kingdom POS Software Market Share

2022 Total Retail Sales: £445 Billion ($551B), down 3.0% from 2021
Country Overview
  • 2nd Largest EMEA economy £2.5 Trillion ($3.1 Trillion)
  • Largest retail market in the region
  • 5th Largest EMEA POS Installed Base
  • 3.7% unemployment
  • £ 6,607 ($8,179 USD) per capita retail sales.
Key Trends
  • UK retailing is heavily concentrated, with only a handful of chains dominating most sectors (Curry’s in electronics, Kingfisher’s B&Q in DIY, Boots in drugstores).
  • The food market has been polarizing for a while; Superstores and hypermarkets at one end, and convenience stores, such as Sainsbury’s Central and Tesco Express at the other. Most recent data (mid-2022) shows Tesco with 27% of the market, followed by Sainsbury (15%), Asda (14%) and Morrisons (10%). That said, the growth of German interlopers Aldi and Lidl, who together claim almost 1,900 stores and about 16% of the market between them, continues.
  • Online retailing is the big story here, as an estimated 26.5% of all retail trade is conducted online. This compares with Germany (28.4%), France (12.5%) and the US (15.0%), and it has had a devastating effect on retailers, especially department stores.
IHL Products Available for United Kingdom POS Market
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