Spain POS – mPOS Hardware Software Market Share

Spain POS Software Market Share

2022 Total Retail Sales: €180 Billion ($190B), up 1.7% from 2021
Country Overview
  • 8th Largest EMEA economy € 1.4 Trillion ($1.4 Trillion)
  • 8th Largest retail market in the region
  • 4th Largest EMEA POS Installed Base
  • 14.7% unemployment
  • €3,801 ($4,005 USD) per capita retail sales
Key Trends
  • Spain’s GDP was hammered (-11.3%) with COVID in 2020, and saw a recovery of 5.5% in 2021 and 4.6% in 2022. Forecasts for 2023 are around 1.3%.
  • Even in relatively good economic times, Spain has had the highest unemployment rate of any country in this report.
  • Spain’s “green economy” exercise, launched in 2004,  was an unmitigated failure, and its implementation helped drive their economy to the depths they saw. Apparently ignoring the colossal failure of Germany’s own green efforts, Spain’s leadership instituted a new Green New Deal in late 2021.
  • Spain’s retail market is a series of regional markets joined by two hubs: Madrid and Barcelona, where most major business activities occurs. French and German retailers have been the dominant foreign investment sources, and they have driven Spain from an essentially cash-based retail scene to being one of the leading per capita users of electronic banking and POS payment systems in Europe.
IHL Products Available for Spain POS Market
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