Webinar Slides – Retail Inventory Benchmarks

Amid continued supply chain disruption, rampant inflation, and an explosion of selling and fulfillment channels, getting retail inventory right has never been more complex–or more rewarding.

These are the webinar slides from the 10-18-2022 webinar where we did an economic update before the US elections with updated September retail sales for the US and EMEA.  We also share the results from a recent study that shows impact of out-of-stocks on consumer loyalty and how Amazon is gaining share on retailers as a result.  Further, we discuss impulse purchases and the challenges faced due to consumers not coming into stores as often due to the inventory issues.

You will learn:

  • The state of retail economics around the world, and how inflation is impacting consumers across retail markets
  • The latest sector-specific data on global retail overstocks
  • The core issues consumers say are impacting their store loyalty and impulse purchases
  • Steps retailers can take now to get inventory placement right the first time and deliver stand-out customer experiences

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