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Webinar – The AI-Driven Transformation in Grocery




Retail Leader’s IT Priorities

Those retailers that are growing faster than 5% in the market not only have decoupled their IT Spending from a fixed figure on last year’s revenues, but are making key investments at a much higher rate in specific areas to extend their lead over average retailers.  In this video we […]

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Technology That Increases Sales Pt2

We’ve done the research.  We looked at 30 categories of technologies in the area of Unified Commerce – from Store Systems, to Merchandising, to Marketing, to BI/Analytics to Infrastructure. Of those, we can see consistent increases in sales of retailers that have deployed 8 of these technologies vs those that […]

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Retail Tech That Moves Sales Needle – Pt 1

If you go to any trade show or look up a technology directory you see hundreds of vendors that promise that their products help increase sales for retailers.  But which ones, once deployed, can actually show a correlation to increased sales? We’ve done the research.  We looked at 30 categories […]

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Video – 3 Must Haves For Unified Commerce Success

In out last video we talked about the Technology Innovation Gap in Retail and how retailers need to embrace and invest in Unified Commerce to succeed going forward.  Today, we look at the 3 foundational systems that are required for retailers to have in place to ensure Unified Commerce success. […]

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Video – How Amazon is Outgunning Retail on IT

Hi Everyone, we are thrilled to announce a new YouTube channel (First Light) that highlights key data from IHL’s Research in quick bite 2-3 minute format. Today’s installment is on the Technology Innovation Gap In Retail – TIGIR.  Future episodes will outline the specific technologies retailers can deploy that have proven themselves […]

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