How AI is Driving The Evolution of the Order Management Market

A Look at the current State of OMS Market Landscape, and how AI looks to be transformational in the market leading solutions in terms of profitability and efficiency.



Retail is becoming more complex data and today’s modern OMS is the foundation and nerve center supporting growing complexity. Given the rapidly evolution of both customer journey’s and fulfilment nodes, what was once a simple order now can be addressed with thousands of permutations. Each choice, can be the difference between profitability and loss and customer satisfaction hangs in the balance. Today’s OMS is helping to address a key component of the profitability challenge while offering more options for the consumer and retailer.

Using data from IHL Group’s most recent Order Management report, with insight added from Salesforce and their market leading customer base, join us for a discussion with the IHL Insights team to hear their findings of top industry trends, differentiators, development areas and vendor selection criteria. We will also see a demo from Salesforce as they reveal new generally available functionality, heavily supported with Artificial Intelligence. We’ll dive into the drivers that are fundamentally transforming the retail industry and rapidly moving the needle in the OMS market. We will also reveal our updated worldwide projections for OMS software spend from our Worldwide IT spend model, with five-year projection.

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