Austria/Switzerland POS – mPOS Hardware Software Market Share

Austria/Switzerland POS Software Market Share

2022 Total Retail Sales: € 190 Billion ($200B), up 9.1% from 2021
Country Overview
  • 9th Largest EMEA economy €1.2 Trillion ($1.3 Trillion)
  • 8th Largest retail market in the region
  • 8th Largest EMEA POS Installed Base
  • 5.8% unemployment
  • €10,757 ($11,336 USD) per capita retail sales.
Key Trends
  • Austria adopted the Euro, Switzerland did not.
  • Switzerland has the highest per capita retail sales of any key country in this study. GDP growth for 2022 was 2.2%,  with the forecast for 2023 a modest 0.7% growth.
  • Austria’s entry into the EU in 1995 changed the retail landscape drastically. Restrictions on seasonal sales, shopping hours and large store construction were lifted, and citizens were encouraged to shop outside their boundaries. It also opened the door for larger retailers, specifically German ones (Rewe, Aldi, Metro and Lidl) to enter. Austria borders no fewer than seven countries, and four of these are eastern European, which could allow for a springboard effect for retailers attempting entry to that bloc.
  • Austria had GDP growth of 4.6% in 2021 and 2022.  GDP growth is expected to slow for 2023, and it ranges between 0.5% (European Commission) and 1.0% (IMF).
IHL Products Available for Austria POS Market
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