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Insights to Actions – Addressing Total Retail Loss


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Date of PublicationJanuary 6, 2023
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Retailers have been rich with data for years, yet it has often not been actionable either because it was inconsistent or retailers didn’t have the analysts to review the data. But with the growth of more advanced analytics this insight has permeated all business units within retail. And, despite the derision that radio hosts rain down on the use of analytics in pro sports for decision making, there is considerable momentum for more advanced analytics in retail and hospitality. Why? Because business leaders in retail are always being asked to do more with less and must understand what changes bring the most bang for the buck.

This study looks at solutions for hidden causes of margin shrink in areas of loss prevention, promotions performance and inventory management and provides insight on key solutions that can dramatically improve performance. The focus of this research is to look at how retailers are addressing Total Retail Loss.

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