Analyst Corner

Trends for 2013

Clearly the single biggest trend for 2012 has been the addition of mobile devices to the retail environment. This has been the fastest adoption of a technology that we have ever seen. It is even faster than the adoption of Internet to the stores. There are four different ways that […]

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iPhone 5 – Any Good For Retailers?

After looking over the Apple iPhone announcement I found myself, well quite underwhelmed. Oh my analyst friends that are photography buffs were drooling over the new low-light camera. And certainly the availability of 4G LTE available worldwide is a huge drawing card for the hoards of iPhone 3s, 4, and […]

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IBM and HP extend POS Terminal Share in 2011

According to the IHL POS Vendor Database, IBM in particular had a stellar year, extending their overall market leadership position in 2011. Although showing strong growth overall, the performance in the Europe/Middle East/Africa division was especially strong. In the case of HP, their entrance into the hospitality segments worldwide helped […]

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WFM Best Practices

The explosion in web-based workforce management systems provides the retailer with the opportunity to manage the entire process of budgeting, forecasting, scheduling, optimizing schedules, task management, time and attendance, and analytics much more holistically. However, the advertised strength of these systems requires two distinct qualities that retailers are often lacking: […]

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Is the Amazon Kindle Fire The Ideal Retail Tablet?

It’s the end of the world as we know it…It’s the end of the world as we know it….It’s the end of the world as we know it and..I’m not sure how I feel. (Sorry R.E.M., you bailed before I did.) Yesterday’s announcement of the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s new multi-media […]

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Is Self-Checkout Dead?

If you read the articles recently in the mainstream press, there are great headlines saying that retailers are removing self-checkout en mass. Well, the old axiom “Don’t believe everything you read” comes into play. What is true? Well let’s start at the source of the headlines. Albertsons, the split of […]

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