Analyst Corner

Stores Don’t Matter? Not So Fast

All the mainstream press wants to say that stores are closing and stores don’t matter.  But according to a recent study by IHL and RIS News of over 300 retail brands, stores will be involved in 86% of all order fulfillment in 2020 through traditional bricks and mortar retailers.  Add to this the latest data from the US Retail Census, where pure-play eCommerce companies only represent 13% of total retail sales and 19% of retail sales growth as of January 2020. This means that bricks and mortar retailers for 2020 represent 87% of all retail sales (includes their eCommerce) and 81% of all retail growth.

So stores not only matter, they are a key part of the future of all parts of retail.  What systems are being updated, how fast, and what segments?  Check out Rise of the Digital Store – How Digital Orders Are Transforming Store Operations

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