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Will the Traffic Lights Work this Black Friday?

Categories: Holidays, Retail

You have the ads ready, the stores are staffed, the inventory has arrived and everything is in place for Black Friday.  I have often said that early morning of Black Friday is now THE best time to shop and when you get the best service as a consumer.  Why?  Because stores are fully staffed, the employees know where the items are and they are eager to help you.  Oh, and the best part…all the crazies were out the night before so it’s generally a great shopping environment.  But there is one big thing that stands out that can ruin the day: will the traffic lights work?

It’s funny how you can have the best plans, do all of the hard work, but the city still thinks the lights should be setup for rush hour on Friday morning. Thus, they are not ready for stores to be open at 6am. The parking lots will be jammed with people trying to turn left and honestly, you have a better chance of your liberal and conservative family members agreeing over Thanksgiving dinner on whether or not to impeach Donald Trump than you do of turning left at a major road out of a retail parking lot before 9am on Black Friday! Like George Bush Sr. said about broccoli, “Not going to do it.” So if you can get your local communities to change those stop lights, that would be a good thing.

Like UPS, if you are prudent, you will set your route up to only make right turns.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

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