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Beyond the Retail Apocalypse to a Bright Future – coming soon!

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IHL Group will be reprising our most successful study, “Debunking the Retail Apocalypse”. Our report last year saw 5x more downloads with greater worldwide news coverage, meaning more exposure for the Sponsors. In fact, we still average 10 downloads per day a year later!

The new study, “Beyond the Retail Apocalypse to a Bright Future” will look at what separates those who succeed and fail, the changing landscape of the customer experience and how Amazon Prime is changing shopping behavior and an exhaustive look at the number of store openings and closings among retailers with 50 or more locations- which is over 2,000 retailers. The study will evaluate shopping trends from new consumer research and will be augmented with other additional research on store growth plans and IT expenditures.

The mainstream press continues to push the narrative of the death of retail yet US retail is not only up 5% for the year, but thousands of stores are opening above any closures announced.

Now is your opportunity to sponsor the updated study and get your company in front of thousands of retailers and the media. If you missed out on last year’s study, don’t make the same mistake this year! IHL group was the first to gather the facts and disprove the negative narrative in Retail by filtering out the click-bait headlines. Join us and be the first to help us showcase the opportunities of the future in Retail. The deadline for commitment is July 31st.

With the speed of technology increasing every day, it’s important for Retail to have the hard data to make smart decisions.

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