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Transforming Business in Retail – The Internet of Things

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Intelligent systems are driving actions based on new insights from data at a deeper level than ever before. Data has become the new currency for business and its value is expected to increase exponentially, improving how people live, learn and work. Watch the videos to see what trends are driving the retail, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Video 1 Retail Video 2 The Internet of Things

Retail technology should empower companies to deliver and experience that fits the customer. IHL Group analyst Jerry Sheldon, Windows Embedded GN Barb Edson and Microsoft Worldwide Retain Managing Director Brendan OMeara join GigaOM Researchs Adam Lesser to discuss how intelligent systems create rich personalized customer experiences and drive operational efficiency in retail and hospitality.

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The Internet of Things enables transformation for businesses in the retail, manufacturing and health industries, making it possible to deliver new experiences to customers and use data to identify new opportunities. Industry analysts Cornelia Wels-Maug of Ovum, Craig Resnick of ARC Advisory Group, and Jerry Sheldon of IHL Group join GigaOM Research’s Adam Lesser to discuss the trends impacting these industries and the role of edge devices as part of intelligent systems that are enabling businesses to capitalize on these trends.

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