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Why We Want Global Warming…At Least This Month.

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For most of the people who have been suffering the bitter cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the more moderate and almost spring-like temperatures this past week were a welcome relief. To even break out the shorts in some locations brought pure joy.

It also brought joy to retailers. Ironically, just after Groundhog Day when Phil saw his shadow saying there would be 6 more weeks of winter, the weather warmed up for several days. There were picnics and kite flying, and neighbors even saw themselves doing something other than shoveling snow outside.

And anyone with children quickly realized that they’ve grown a bit in the last year. Those modest shorts became short shorts, and the t-shirts almost became cutoffs.

For those of us as adults, it also reminded us that our New Year’s Resolution diets probably are not working as well as we hoped either.

This means that consumers know in their heads now that they have to get to the stores for spring wardrobes for the kids and themselves. There is pent up demand being created, which is great news for retail.

So while the $800 Billion Stimulus Plan being approved in Washington won’t do retailers much good, this nice warm breeze for several days in early February is a very welcome replacement. Because if consumers need to move up their spring shopping, we will see retail spending and consumer confidence begin to rise. And that’s a real stimulus for this industry.

So I say, pray for some Global Warming for the next month or so – Retail could use it.