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RealTime Customer Data In The Cloud


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Date of PublicationOctober 28, 2017
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In this paper we reveal the opportunities that come from getting to a single version of the truth on customer data and how leveraging a cloud data lake allows for realtime views and the integration of big data, machine learning, and AI in a disciplined way that grows sales.

We would like to thank Amazon Web Service for their sponsorship of this paper.

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Key Observations:

  • Retailers that can leverage their customer preferences in all channels enjoy an average sales increase 110% higher than those retailers that do not.
  • Those who are able to leverage a central customer data set to promote each channel from another channel average increase sales 107%.
  • Getting to a single data set allows retailers to leverage Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning technologies to gain deeper knowledge and increase sales.

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Is this product really free?
Yes. While AWS did sponsor the research, we are agnostic in our analysis and this is generic and can be leveraged as a road map to leveraging the cloud for a single version of the truth. The research that you will read is our perspective on the subject and benefits, absent of any bias towards a specific vendor approach.

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