Pitney Bowes – Bronze Level Retail Executive Advisory Program


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Product Overview

Date of PublicationMarch 27, 2017

Bronze Level Retail Executive Advisory Program.

  • Analyst Inquiries – 12
    • 30 minute phone or email inquiries to review ideas, presentations, strategies, etc.
  • Research Studies – 7
    • You can choose up to 7 research studies. See attached document for listing.
  • Analyst Briefings – 3
    • These are briefings where your team briefs IHL analysts on direction and strategy so we can communicate to potential partners and customers.
  • Onsite Customer Presentation at (R)evolution – 1
    • Inclusive of speaking at the PB event in April
  • IHL State of the Industry Calls – 1
    • This is a call with your sales team and/or executives where we give the latest trends and research in the industry. This is done in the form of a custom webinar call for your internal team.


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