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Beacons: Privacy, Promise, Potential – Retail’s Opportunity


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Product Overview

Date of PublicationMarch 11, 2016
FormatElectronic PDF

Among the various technologies that the retail press deals with currently, few garner as much mindshare as those often referred to as Beacons or other indoor positioning systems.  Systems such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Beacons or Visible Light Communication (VLC) come with great potential to increase sales, increase the customer experience and help retailers stand out in a crowded world that is increasingly having to compete with not only giants like Wal-Mart but also online retailers such as Amazon.

But in the midst of this opportunity is also the minefield around customer privacy.  This study talks about best practices, how best to engage consumers to allow for the collection of data that really matters, and what you must do to compel consumers to use the systems.

We look at trends, barriers, best practices and provide a forecast for each of the technologies included worldwide.

The report is designed for use by Retailers, Hardware Providers, Software Providers, Service Providers and others who might have a vested interest in the worldwide retail IT market. The complete outline is below.

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This research is designed for those in the market for location positioning systems, whether it is beacons that are either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled or Visible Light Communications which combines networking with LED technology.

Below is the TOC for the research.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction and Background

2.0 History of Technologies

2.1 Location Technology Timeline

3.0 The Dance With Customers

4.0 Are Retailers In The Lead

4.1 Are Retailers Ready
4.2 Where’s the BUDGET!
4.3 What Smart Retailers Are Doing

5.0 Potential For Beacons

6.0 What About Privacy

6.1 Best Practice – Applied In Way Consumers Want To Be Tracked
6.2 Laws – What You Can And Cannot Do

7.0 Trends, Drivers, Barriers

8.0 Technology Overviews, Strengths and Weaknesses

9.0 Market Size and Forecast

10.0 Best Practices

11.0 Where The Big Dogs Play

12.0 What We See Ahead

13.0 Methodology

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Is this a comprehensive view of the marketplace?

Yes, this provides a forecast for Beacon technologies and Visible Light Communications (VLS) in the Retail and Hospitality Segments we cover

Did this survey cover larger or smaller retailers?
Yes, we look at the totality of the market in this study.  That being said, this technology is mostly in the realm of malls and larger retail/hospitality companies.

Can I share this study in my company?

Yes if you have an enterprise license.  See below for more.

Can I share this study with partners and clients?
Not in entirety unless you have negotiated a distribution license with IHL. Basically we don’t want the study going to partners and clients who should otherwise purchase a license. This is what we do for a living, and if people violate this we can no longer do the research. Contact us at ihl(at) with any questions.

Can I quote this study in my presentations and press releases? In most cases this is fine but we ask that you run it by us first at ihl(at) Typically things shared in percentages (ie. this is 20% increase) then that is fine. Items in raw $$$ or units typically we will not allow to share. But we can work with you on this. We realize that you buy the research to use, so we can usually find a nice compromise that protects our IP and meets your needs.

Can I get access to the analysts who wrote or partnered in the study?

Yes, one of the core differentiators of IHL Research Studies is that included in part of the price is up to 1 hour with the analyst to ask follow-up questions or dig further into any assumptions. This does not extend to getting more data, just better insight into how we arrived at the data and came to the conclusions from that data.

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Practically, this implies the following:

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