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What’s in a name – A better POS, perhaps?

When you attend the number of events that we do at IHL, you hear a lot of buzzwords and often roll your eyes while playing Buzzword Bingo when the overused terms come up in presentations.  But every once in a while you hear a new description that actually does a better […]

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When Will Retailers Get Real?

Almost every retailer is struggling with same store comps this year.  The energy dividend has gone away and as an industry many companies are in absolute denial that the world of retailing is changing dramatically and customers are struggling to find a reason to come into their stores.  A few […]

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Is Amazon the Walmart of 1990?

According to Investor’s Business Daily, over 51% of all E-Commerce growth during the holidays went to Amazon, and roughly a quarter of all North American retail growth for the year went to Amazon. Over 38% of U.S. households now have an Amazon Prime account, mainly for the free, two-day shipping, and […]

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Stupid Is as Stupid Does – EMV Mess

There is an old saying, “Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.”  There is no hog more deserving to get slaughtered in the retail landscape than the merchant/acquiring banks in the US PCI/EMV debacle with Visa/Mastercard/AMEX. As we all know October 1st was the deadline for the EMV mandate in the […]

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REPLAY: Unified Commerce – Modern Retail’s Coming Together

The following is a replay of a webinar from December 15th on how retail is moving towards Unified Commerce. Unified Commerce is one step beyond Omnichannel and includes the technology enabled retail functions (both inside and outside the company) to serve the consumer where, when and how they desire. Multi ->Cross->Omni->Unified […]

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Extreme Idea for Improved Customer Experience

A few weeks ago my wife and I headed out for a date night to see the latest Mission Impossible movie (great movie BTW). So we had our popcorn bucket, planned to buy our drinks and such at the concession stand but stopped off at our local Walgreens to pick […]

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Technology Trends by Tier

This week I did a webinar for RSPA (Retail Solutions Providers Association) that looked at how the trends for IT spending differ among the size of retailers.  This webinar looked at how smaller retailers look at Unified Commerce differs from those that are giant retailers.  What is the priority for […]

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When 41% Growth Disappoints

While Mobile POS SW installs were up 41% in North America year to year, if you talk to many in the industry they were expecting more.  Truth be told, so were we.  That being said, there are some diamonds in the rough as this market matures according to the updated […]

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Disconnect Between IT and Loss Prevention

In conversations with retailers it is obvious the CCTV cameras, traditionally a Loss Prevention asset only, is being co-opted for a variety of different functions.  This is necessitating a much closer relationship between IT and the LP personnel.  Where both of these departments tend to be cost centers in most retailers, […]

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