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Technology That Increases Sales Pt2

We’ve done the research.  We looked at 30 categories of technologies in the area of Unified Commerce – from Store Systems, to Merchandising, to Marketing, to BI/Analytics to Infrastructure. Of those, we can see consistent increases in sales of retailers that have deployed 8 of these technologies vs those that […]

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Hidden Game Changer in Amazon Announcement

Late yesterday Amazon announced that they were going to close on the Whole Foods acquisition on Monday, August 28th. Not surprisingly, they announced immediate dropping of prices on a handful of items, the beginning integration of the IT systems, Amazon lockers in store for product pickup, and a few other […]

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Video – 3 Must Haves For Unified Commerce Success

In out last video we talked about the Technology Innovation Gap in Retail and how retailers need to embrace and invest in Unified Commerce to succeed going forward.  Today, we look at the 3 foundational systems that are required for retailers to have in place to ensure Unified Commerce success. […]

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Video – How Amazon is Outgunning Retail on IT

Hi Everyone, we are thrilled to announce a new YouTube channel (First Light) that highlights key data from IHL’s Research in quick bite 2-3 minute format. Today’s installment is on the Technology Innovation Gap In Retail – TIGIR.  Future episodes will outline the specific technologies retailers can deploy that have proven themselves […]

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Debunking the Retail Apocalypse

US retail is undergoing some significant change, but not nearly the retail apocalypse that is being portrayed in the media.  In fact, retail is growing – at a healthy pace.  Part of this is the way that the government releases data (month to month growth), a good portion of the […]

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Amazon Buys Whole Foods – First Thoughts

The news came down today on the blockbuster announcement of Amazon is purchasing Whole Foods for $13.7billion.  Here are some initial thoughts. 10 Reasons Why This is Good for Amazon/Whole Foods? Amazon’s greatest Achilles heel right now is they are losing $8 billion a year on shipping costs. This gives […]

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Are Microservices the Answer To Cloud At The Store?

Retailers continue to be challenged in the transformation of their business to compete with Amazon, Walmart and others.  Yet one of the challenges we consistently hear from CIOs is that they are significantly challenged in the type and quality of bandwidth that they can get access to at malls without […]

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Kelly Sayre Joins IHL Group

IHL Group is pleased to announce that Kelly Sayre has joined the team to broaden our coverage of the retail, eCommerce and consumer package goods IT market.  Sayre will also take the lead in growing the company’s media marketing efforts through podcasts, short videos, and webinars showcasing IHL content. “Analysts must […]

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