Analyst Corner

Analyst: Jerry Sheldon

Artificial Intelligence: The 30 Year Success Story

I can confidently say that my very first exposure to artificial intelligence happened about thirty years ago. I was strolling through the computer engineering building on campus at Georgia Tech and happened onto a computer screen facing out onto the hallway. On the screen was a changing array of symbols […]

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Are Microservices the Answer To Cloud At The Store?

Retailers continue to be challenged in the transformation of their business to compete with Amazon, Walmart and others.  Yet one of the challenges we consistently hear from CIOs is that they are significantly challenged in the type and quality of bandwidth that they can get access to at malls without […]

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Money 20/20 and the Future of Payments

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending the third annual Money 20/20 conference. By all accounts the show reflected both the sea change in the hype of the payment space with record attendance. Having begun two years ago with an initial attendance of 2,000 each successive year […]

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NRF 2014 – The Vibe

Now a little more than four weeks post Big Show it gives most of us the opportunity to regroup, reflect, and almost begin to see the light of the day from all of the activities that two plus days of constant meetings brings. As I mentioned last week, my overall […]

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NRF 2014 – Thoughts from an Analyst

This year marks my 10th consecutive NRF show. The show continues to get both bigger with plans next year to expand the floor hours with the show opening for five hours on Sunday. This comes as a mixed blessing. With over 500+ potential vendors to see it is impossible to […]

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