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North American Self-Service Kiosks
Format: Electronic PDF
Date of Publication: September 18, 2013
License: Enterprise/Electronic - See Pricing Tab for Fair Use
Pricing: $995.00
Geography: North America
Author(s): Lee Holman, Greg Buzek
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Transactions at Self-Service Kiosks are growing better than 7% per year in North America with transactions expected to grow past $1.0 Trillion per year through the devices by 2014. This study looks at arguably one of the more dynamic yet most difficult areas to define in the IT sector - namely Self-Service Kiosks. Key to any review of Kiosks is a definition of what types of kiosks that are included. In this study we ventured beyond retail in the breadth of our discussion, but focused only on those devices where payment is currently or soon to be taken. As a result, we came up with the following 6 categories:

  • Self-Checkout Systems - Computerized systems that allow shoppers to purchase tangible products unassisted in a retail setting.

  • Ticketing Kiosks - Those found at airports, amusement parks, bus terminals, parking, movie theaters and subway/train stations that enable a customer to purchase a ticket for a ride or attraction. These are different from the third category "Check-In" kiosks in that they are the first-contact in the transaction.

  • Check-In Kiosks - These are kiosks that confirm previous payment. These are quite common in lodging and travel settings.

  • Food Ordering Kiosks - These are devices that allow either fast food or casual dining customers to place their orders and make payment without input from employees who are then redeployed to order fulfillment.

  • Postal Kiosks - These are the new kiosks installed in the US Postal Locations to handle the mailing of letters/packages.

  • Other Retail Kiosks - This group consists of a wide variety of transaction kiosks that may be found in retail and hospitality settings.

More detail, product highlights and outline below.

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What our customers have to say about this product
"Enjoyed the new kiosk market report, I'm appreciative that an organization with the stellar reputation of IHL is now covering our industry, it helps bring further validation (and much needed data) to our market."
- Bob Ventresca, Director of Marketing, NetKey
"In the Retail Industry IHL commands the respect of the operators and other recognized industry experts. Greg has demonstrated his skills in many of his engagements. His presentations at industry conferences command full attention and provide valuable insight into trends in the industry. He uses his strong technical knowledge to identify solutions for real business problems. IHL, under Greg's leadership, has grown to be a required set of reports. When you need the real analysis of an industry trends or market information, IHL is the team to provide reports that you can depend upon."
- Jerry Leeman, Marketing Manager, IBM at time, now Perk Dynamics
"Whenever I think of POS the first expert that comes to mind is Greg Buzek, but of course Greg and IHL Consulting are so much more than just POS, although there is still no one better. The depth and breadth of IHL's studies, databases, tools and fields of expertise grows each year and I look forward to taking full advantage of each and everyone of them."
- Joe Skorupa, Group Editor-in-Chief, RIS News

Product Highlights

The rationale for kiosk installation varies from business to business, but there are some common findings across deployments. In the case of Check-in Kiosks, airlines such as Southwest and Delta claim that as much as 75% of all passengers use these kiosks for check-in. Given the severe focus on customer service, both by those serving and those being served, these numbers indicate that appropriate use of kiosks offers significant return, whether in financial or customer appreciation/loyalty terms.

The beginning of the report addresses the trends and challenges of such devices in the retail/hospitality/travel industries. The report then moves to the quantitative functions of the Self-Service market (Shipments, Installed Base, Revenue Turn) and presents five-year forecasts for each. In the body of the report, we begin to focus on the particular kiosk types, why they have been implemented, who they target, and the best in class as of this writing. We conclude the report with a look to the future; we take a look at a small selection of new kiosk implementations that show significant promise for broad adoption in the coming years.

Table of Contents

    Self-Service Kiosks Defined
    Self-Service Basics

1. Trends and Challenges in Kiosks
    1.1 Self Service Options are Clearly Desired
    1.2 Mobile Impact
    1.3 Alive and Kicking, but Under Pressure
    1.4 Fragmentation and More Fragmentation
    1.5 Gesture-Based Technology and Augmented Reality
    1.6 Where is the Line of Demarcation?
    1.7 Security Concerns
    1.8 Open Thread

2. 2011 Self Service Market Share
    2.1 Shipments by Device Type
    2.2 Installed Base by Device Type
    2.3 Estimated Kiosk Revenue Turn
    2.4 Forecast Shipments
    2.5 Forecast Installed Base
    2.6 Forecast Revenue Turn

3. Best Practices in Self-Service Kiosk Types
    3.1 Self-Checkout Systems
    3.2 Ticketing Kiosks
    3.3 Check-In Kiosks
    3.4 Food Ordering Kiosks
    3.5 Postal Kiosks
    3.6 Other Retail Kiosks
    3.7 Future Kiosks

4. References

List of Figures

    Figure 1 - Overall Shipments by Device Type
    Figure 2 - Overall Shipment Growth by Device Type
    Figure 3 - Installed Base Growth by Device Type
    Figure 4 - Estimated Kiosk Revenue Turn by Device Type
    Figure 5 - Shipment Forecasts by Device Type
    Figure 6 - Installed Base Forecasts by Device Type
    Figure 7 - Revenue Turn Forecasts by Device Type

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