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Lee Holman
In addition to an MBA from Pepperdine University and a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, Lee has over 30 years of experience in a wide range of high technology. Beginning with his work on nuclear subs for the US Navy as an undergraduate, on through assignments with various defense contractors, Lee was been involved in the design, development, procurement and deployment of many projects used in various public and not-so-public settings. Since joining IHL in 1997, Lee has authored and co-authored many retail industry reports. Included among these are IHLs market studies on Retail POS Terminals, Self-Checkout Systems, Self-Service Kiosks, Out-of-Stocks, Mobility and the annual RIS News/IHL Store Systems Study. Lee has also authored many informal papers on topics such as Supply Chain, RFID, Data Warehousing, Warehouse Management, and CRM technlogies. Lee has been a featured speaker in both live and webinar settings, is an active supporter of RetailROI, and has been extensively quoted in the national and regional news media.

North American Retail POS Terminals - 2013 was a satisfactory year for POS Shipments to the Retail and Hospitality Industries. Driven by new growth in Mass Merchandisers and fast food restaurants, the overall market increased 3.0% in 2013. This 58 page study focuses on the Retail POS market in North America for 2013-2018. It includes shipment, installed base and trends analyses of POS devices. The report is designed for use by POS Hardware and Software Providers, Maintenance Providers, Printer Manufacturers, EFT device vendors, Retailers and others who might have a vested interest in the North American Point-of-Sale Market.

EMEA POS Terminals - The sovereign debt crisis that has enveloped much of Europe has had an effect upon POS shipments, and the EMEA POS market showed a decline from 2012, which was the best year in the previous five. The "Other EMEA" countries, along with the UK (a non-Euro player) led growth for the region, while most others contracted. This new EMEA POS Terminal Study looks at the overall POS Terminal shipments by country and the nuances therein.

Asia/Pacific POS Terminals - While the North American and EMEA regions experienced satisfactory POS shipment growth in the current economy, the strong growth in the Asia/Pacific region continues to be a highlight of the worldwide POS market. China and India continue to expand, and their swelling retail ranks will continue to drive growth in 2014 and beyond. Our Asia/Pacific POS Market Study has 24 figures in 52 pages in which we explore the market climate for POS terminals in the Asia/Pacific region. It includes shipment, installed base and trends analyses for POS in Japan, China, India, Australia/New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Other Asia/Pacific countries.

North American Self-Service Kiosks - Transactions at Self-Service Kiosks are growing better than 7% per year in North America with transactions expected to grow past $1.0 Trillion per year through the devices by 2014. This study looks at arguably one of the more dynamic yet most difficult areas to define in the IT sector - namely Self-Service Kiosks. Key to any review of Kiosks is a definition of what types of kiosks that are included. In this study we ventured beyond retail in the breadth of our discussion, but focused only on those devices where payment is currently or soon to be taken.

North American Retail POS Printers - This 76 page report focuses on the housed receipt printer market for retail POS devices in North America. Packed with 98 figures, this details the market shipshare, distribution channels and installed base for the top printer vendors doing business in the region and provides for market projections based on changing technologies and changing distribution philosophies through the year 2017. Vendors reviewed include Epson, IBM, NCR, TPG, Star Micronics, TransAct, Citizen, Bixolon, and others.

POS Software for Specialty Hard Goods - The North American Specialty Hardgoods retail vertical includes some of the largest and most diverse retailers on the planet, who have the most complex POS transactions in all of retail. This 40 page market study delves deep into the POS Software market for these retailers. We identify which software providers are leading the pack, what their market share is, and which complementary systems their software has been installed with in the industry.

POS Software for Specialty Soft Goods - The North American Specialty Softgoods retail vertical enjoys one of the most diverse and dynamic technical environments in all of retail. These retailers must not only serve their customers well, but must do so while appearing to be on the cutting edge technically. This 42 page market study delves deep into the POS Software market for these retailers. We identify which software providers are leading the pack, what their market share is, and which complementary systems their software has been installed with in the industry.

IT and the North American Supermarket - What technologies are driving investment for Grocers? How are they competing in an era of higher fuel and other commodity prices? How are mandates to fighting obesity affecting store location? Are coupons a lasting trend? This report investigates the challenges of the North American Supermarket Retailer and how information technology can be utilized to meet those challenges. For retailers this report includes the latest research on technology trends as well as technical profiles of top retailers like Kroger, Safeway, SuperValu, Walmart, Costco and others. The study includes detailed IT Spend and technical profiles for each of the Top 20 retailers selling grocery items.

North American Hospitality POS Terminals - This 40 page report focuses on the Hospitality POS market in the United States and Canada, challenges from Mobile devices and opportunities for growth. Its 15 figures describe shipments, installed base and trends analyses of POS devices based on processor speed and operating system choice. Additionally, the report covers emerging trends and influences that affected the market in 2009 and those that will help form market decisions in the future. It also includes market value for the installed base and a forecast for shipments and installed base through 2017.

Black Ops IT Spend: When IT Spend Starts Being Paid Outside of the CIO - Gartner has forecasted that the IT Budget of the Chief Marketing Officer will be higher than that of the CIO by 2017. Does that hold in retail or hospitality? No doubt there is a great impact. In fact in 2013 the CMO and other business unit heads generated over $11.6 Billion additional IT Spend. This represents nearly 35% of the total spend for Software, SaaS, and Services in North America. This study looks at the phenomenon of IT spending outside of the CIO budget and quantifies that opportunity for vendors and provides best practices for retailers as well as pitfalls to avoid. Finally this study recommends tactics and go-to-market strategies for vendors to consider if they have a solution targets towards the CMO.

SMB Sizing For Retail/Hospitality - There is no one size fits all for retail and for solutions. The needs differ by retailers size, by subsegment, and even by region. This research allows you to size and target the largest specific market opportunities, finding those most ripe for growth opportunities. We have this information available by region (North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Latin/South America, and Asia/Pacific).

Inventory Distortion - Retail's $800 Billion Problem - In total, Inventory Distortion costs retailers collectively nearly $800 Billion globally. Or put another way, same store sales could increase 9.2% if this problem was completely fixed. Building upon previous research from IHL, this research study looks at the true cost of Inventory Distortion (Out-of-Stocks and Overstocks) to retailers. Beyond just looking at empty shelves or the discount rack, this report brings clarity on the size of the problem that heretofore had been missing in the industry.

Stores Reinvented - 11th Annual Store Systems Study with RIS News - Retail IT is expanding at breakneck speed in 2014 with huge movement to the Cloud and convergence of systems that were once in separate silos. In our 11th Annual Store Systems Study with RIS News, we delve deeply into the impact of OmniChannel and Mobility on store systems and the impact of these trends on traditional vendors like IBM, NCR, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Motorola, HP, and others.

Mobile POS: Reaching Escape Velocity - All Systems Go - Mobile in retail is now a $6.9 Billion business worldwide and one that continues to grow rapidly. It is the single fastest moving trend in retail since Internet was added to the stores. Mobile and the buzz about Mobile in Retail has been increasing ever since Apple began using it in their stores. Of the various store functions that can be performed using Mobile technology, one of the most interesting is that of Mobile POS. This report looks at the current state of Mobile POS in North America, the adoption rates of the various retail verticals, and the shipment and installed base details by type of device (Rugged Handheld, Non-Rugged Handheld, and Tablet). We also provide forecasts for shipments and installed base of these devices, as well as an estimate of the impact that these devices will have on the use of traditional POS hardware.

Key Retail Decision Makers - Need a Mailing List of Key Retail Technology Decision Makers? People like CIOs, VPs of MIS, Store Operations, CEOs, etc. We have that information available in custom queries for you. All information can be sent electronically and used multiple times.

Mobile POS Shipments by Vendor - The move to mobile for associates is the single fastest adopting trend we have seen since the rush to get stores Internet-enabled. This research looks specifically at those mobile devices being used for POS functions. How big is this market? How fast is it growing? Which vendors are winning? What screen format should you write the software for? This research will tell you. This product provides shipments and installed base on a quarterly and annual basis for vendors such as Apple, Google, Motorola Solutions, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Motion Computing, NEC and many others for use of mobile devices for POS, an area that is exploding in retail. It includes data on screen size formats and operating platforms. We distinguish between retail hardened devices and consumer grade devices. This is a very data intensive product and can go as deep as shipments by segment by region by operating system or screen size. Or the data can be purchased simply in aggregate by vendor worldwide/region. It includes historical data and projections forward for the next 6 quarters by vendor. Below in the Product Highlights section we get into the details of the data available. The Preview tab gives you some pictorial examples of the types of data available. This is a very data intensive product and can go as deep as shipments by segment by region by operating system or processor-type. The data can also be purchased simply in aggregate by vendor worldwide or by individual region. Included are historical data back 2 years and projections forward for the next 6 quarters by vendor. These data are meant to be used in conjunction with the Mobile POS Study which provides the qualitative background of the trends. It is in this study where we discuss trends, barriers to entry, and growth assumptions. The data here is purely quantitative in nature. We are thankful to the vendors who participate in sharing data points to make this as accurate as possible.

POS Terminal Shipments by Vendor - For years, customers have been asking for POS Shipments by vendor in a similar format that IDC reports PC Shipments. This is that product. The POS Terminal Shipments by Vendor product provides shipments and installed base on a quarterly and annual basis for vendors such as Toshiba Global Commerce (IBM), NCR, HP, Wincor-Nixdorf, Fujitsu, Dell, MICROS, Digipos, and many others. It includes data on processors and operating systems historically and provides a forecast going forward. It is also the only review of the POS market that includes the PC on Cash Drawer (PCOCD) market with vendors like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and others.

Sophia Knows Your Trade Show - You've spent the money on the booth, now drive the traffic to make it a GREAT show for your company! Need to target the people likely attending the big retail show in January? We have reversed engineered the verified company list and combined with our powerful databases to bring you a targeted list of people likely to be there. We provide a list of over 7,000 targeted retailer attendees, representing nearly 500 retailers.

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